Friday, April 2, 2010

making mead

I have been working in the wine industry and specifically with mead for over three years now, but I just made my first batch of mead on my own. They keep me chained in the office... :) I was amazed at how smoothly it went. I made a pure honey mead from Montana clover honey from the Bozeman area. I made it in a European style, which is to say that it is about 12.5% alcohol and has between 6 and 7% residual sugar. It is made from nothing but honey water and yeast. It turned out great. It tastes like the honey I started with about six weeks ago but with a little alcohol flavor like one would expect from 12.5% alcohol. It is a very smooth, sweet wine. I made it as a test run for a European (old world) style mead for Hidden Legend Winery which I am part owner. I had the help and guidance of our master mead maker Ken Schultz, so I could always ask him what one measurement or another meant and whether any adjustments would be advantageous. But I am convinced that anyone can make their own mead if they desire, especially with a little guidance from a book, mead maker, or web resource. It is fun and gives one a sense of accomplishment as well. I am going to start another batch in the coming weeks and will keep a regular log on here for you to follow if you like.