Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just some random thoughts about our mead from our Global Sales Manager Adam!

The flagship of the Hidden Legend line up is without a doubt the Pure Honey Mead.
Our Pure Honey Mead has consistently been the best seller, and that in part is due to the simple nature, but complex flavor masterfully achieved by our head mead maker Ken.

We start with Montana Wildflower Honey; transform it into a golden, off-dry beverage with a balanced acidity that is easy to drink with a variety of meals.  We like to think of our Pure Honey Mead as a ‘Contemporary’ version of what many believe is the oldest fermented beverage on earth. By balancing the honey flavor with oak, tannins and leaving a slight acidity, we end up with mead that has the mouth feel of a white wine with the flavor of honey.

It kind of started as an accident. A pot of honey was warming on the stove and was forgotten about for a little too long. What we ended up with was a nicely darkened honey that makes phenomenal mead. The practice of darkening honey for mead has been around for centuries, and is called Bochet (bow-shay). 

Our dark mead has become a favorite amongst those who like dark strong ales, stouts and porters. Whisky drinkers have noticed nuances in our Dark Mead that they find similar to their favorite Scotch. We notice a slight malty flavor, and the darkened aspect of the honey almost lends a slight bitterness to the overall flavor. Carmel, peat, malt, smoke and honey are just a few of the words we have heard to describe our Dark Mead.