Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pyment mead honey wine

In the early 1500s with new trade routes open and sugarcane from the Americas creating a new source of sugar, honey producers were faced with a dilemma, not unlike blockbuster's dilemma with the popularity of Netflix. As honey production waned, so did mead production. In order to stretch mead, producers started mixing it with grape wines that would eventually leave mead in the dust. Hidden Legend Winery is proud to introduce our own version of this transition wine called pyment. This delightful mead is made from world class Montana honey just like all of our meads and is combined with just the right amount of red wine to create something very special. We are going to call it The King's Pyment. We will have it for sale by the beginning of April 2011. We have a little that can be sampled right away in our tasting room. Stop by and try it! Or visit to learn more.