Monday, June 8, 2009

Chokecherry Mead

A chokecherry is a wild berry that is mostly unknown in modern times but grows in most regions of the United States. They grow across the continent except in the very Deep South and way up North in Canada according to online encyclopedias like Wikipedia. The chokecherry is full of antioxidants and loaded with proteins and oils which Native Americans put great value in. Native Americans were well acquainted with the chokecherry and ate it regularly. They often crushed the berries and made patties that were then dried in the sun. It was so common among the Cheyenne and Blackfoot that their word for the fruit was simply “berry.” You can read a lot more about the chokecherry at

Hidden Legend Winery blends their award winning Pure Honey Mead with their chokecherry wine which is made from fresh Montana grown chokecherries. Hidden Legend Winery’s Chokecherry Mead has won a gold medal two years in a row now, in two separate international wine competitions. It won best in region and gold from the Northwest Wine Summit in 2008. This year, the winery’s Chokecherry Mead won a gold medal from the Tasters Guild International Wine Judging 2009.

The interesting thing about these gold medal wins is that both of these competitions are traditionally geared towards grape wines. This speaks volumes for the sophistication of the meads produced by Hidden Legend Winery. If you have apprehensions about trying mead or have tried meads that tasted like watered down honey or honey flavored beer, you don't have to worry about that with these meads. Hidden Legend Winery puts a lot of effort into producing fine table wines from honey and native North American berries.

Hidden Legend Winery is selling three packs of their Chokecherry Mead at a discounted price, with free shipping, for the whole month of June. This is a perfect opportunity to try this gold medal winning Chokecherry Mead and experience what the judges at these wine competitions discovered. You won’t be disappointed.

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