Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buying Mead Online

Figuring out the best place to buy mead online can be challenging. There are lots of options out there. If you have never bought mead before then there are a few things to consider. Just looking at the decision from a price point brings a few things to mind that should be considered. Hidden Legend Winery doesn't have the lowest price per bottle for mead online but when you look at our shipping options you will find that you can try a bottle of mead from Hidden Legend winery for less then anywhere else. Order 3 bottles or more and really enjoy savings with our free shipping option. You can get a bottle of award winning mead from Hidden Legend, delivered anywhere in the lower 48 states for $25.94. That includes shipping. Now lets take a look at some other website's prices: 1 bottle of Skyriver Mead to CA $35.17, to OH $39.98 1 bottle of Bunratty Mead on Google Shopping from $28.64 to $37.95. 1 bottle of Brotherhood Carroll's Mead from ShopRite Liquors with shipping to CA $29.95 to OH $32.15. Everywhere I look, a bottle of Mead is pushing $30 or much more. There are many examples you can check out. I only posted a few for brevity's sake. At Hidden Legend Winery we have kept shipping prices low by passing our discount with UPS down to you. Order 3 bottles or more and get free shipping. Visit Hidden Legend to see our selection. We currently ship to 27 states and DC. See our list of states on our website. Please shoot me an email at if you have any questions.


  1. I just found this post when I was trying to shop for mead online. Hidden Legend only ships to 19 states, not all of the lower 48. Unfortunately, my state is one they do not ship to.

    1. We are adding to our list of states we ship to! We now ship to 24 states and DC. We will be able to ship to 30 states by the end of the year.

  2. I've had 4 varieties of your mead and it's so fantastic!! I grew up in Montana but now live in North Dakota. I've always brought some home with me after visits or made my mother bring some with her. But now that I know there is an online ordering option, I may be drinking a lot more! :)

  3. So, what is the REAL list of current states shipped to?

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